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The Pale Tribe is a part of

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The Pale Tribe started some 20 years ago, but with a different name: Admaker.

It started in Bangkok, but moved with me to Copenhagen, in Denmark, and recently to Elsinore, on the border between Denmark* and Sweden.

But the whereabouts are actually of no significance, since I – at times we – cater graphic design to customers far away from the cave: New York, Nuuk, Næstved, N'Dola, Nakskov, Nouméa and Nakhon Pathong.

After 20 years it's about time to make some changes: New name, new ambitions, new networks.

  • FAQ

    Clever answers to obvious questions:

    • Who's the 'tribe'?
      That's me + some of my friends... I can't do it all on my own. Some times I need a photographer, engraver, printer, illustrator, copywriter, dancer ...
    • Who's doing the invoicing?
      Danish Media. They know numbers better than I do. But they don't own me.
    • Is it a new email then?
      Whatever you like: info@admaker.dk, adx@adx.dk, hej@paletribe.com ... – they all end up in my gmail anyway.
    • Where's the studio located?
      The studio is where I am (it's really not that big). So it's in  Elsinore, in Lund, in Copenhagen, at my distinguished customers or my partners in crime ... On the train, on the ferry, on the plane … Sometimes on the beach ...
    • Who are your customers???
      A pizzaria, United Nations Population Fund, some rockbands, the danish police, a Thai massage, some computer companies, a few artists, a jewelry company, a political party, a foundation, a few municipalities, one sports club, a publisher ... Should I go on?
    • Who are not customers?
      Political parties with a clear racist aim, companies with questionable morals, and people that I find unsympathetic.
    • Is it "Hasse" or "Hassan"?
      Yes. It says Hasse on my birth certificate, friends call me Hassan. You decide. I obey both.
    • Why Elsinore?
      Go to Elsinore. Go for a walk. Then you'll understand.
      56°02'05.8"N 12°36'30.8"E
    • What's Denmark like?
      Read it all here ->
    • ☕  Coffee?
      Absolutely. Call me, and let's meet in Elsinore, Helsingborg, Lund, Malmö or Copenhagen.