Owner and coffee brewer

Hasse ‘Hassan’ Sørensen, graphic designer, mythoman and idea generator. Formerly employed in Amnesty International, Monthly Bulletin PRESS and AFUK. Born 1970 in Denmark, and after a few years in southeast Asia, a few years in Copenhagen and a few years in Helsingør, now living in Lund, Sweden. You can read about Denmark and Sweden here.



Client Quotes

“He’s the Jamie Oliver to the graphic industry… Talks way too much, making really geeky stuff sound so simple.”

– students @ Jensens Kurser

“The Pale Tribe is a source of highly professional business identity communication/graphic content and consultation. I recommend H’s first class work, unique/creative thinking, and follow through.” – Daniel Palomares

“Hey! It’s working – you’re a hero!!! A million thanks for your last minute help.

Regards from your fans in the United Nations Population Fund.”

– Julia, UNFPA

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Hasse for a number of years. He has designed several websites from scratch, logos, large prints, etc. Always with an excellent result. He’s sharp, fast and most of all incredible in perception and creativity. He’s recommendable.”

– Jon Rytter, Danish Media

“I’ve used The Pale Tribe for several jobs, from websites to graphic design and concepts.

Every time TG ends up with the holy grail for the price of a plastic cup.

The Pale Tribe is our favorite partner when in need of thinking out of the box.

They have the finger on the urban pulse; the pulse that will make your ideas come alive.”

– Anders Thode Jensen, CEO & founder, TG Technology

“He’s good at what he does. Like a fountain of ideas. He immediately gets what the projects is about, and keeps the eye on the ball.

– and he’s easy to work with.”

– Merete van Leeuwen, Ishøj Municipality

“Cooporation is easy on my part. I speak, and he does the job. He’s good at transforming what I say to what I need.

What else could I ask for?”

– Steen Lasse Møller, S.L.Møller Grafisk

“He’s insane. In a good way. But clearly insane.”

– Mads Nordholm, V8 Squirrel

“That’s fine!”

– Tim Whelan, Transglobal Underground

“Hassan can make an Internet server on a toilet in Bombay, only using a Nokia 3310 and a piece of tin foil” – Ben Hasnaoui, Fløng Production College “Graphics Rock’n’roll Star” – Mikkel Pandrup

“Will you be able to make a living?”

– My mom