Nordic Graphic Design

Specialising in graphic design with a strong connection to the roots of the Norse heritage and culture, with hints to both the Viking and the Sami traditions, as well as contemporary Scandinavian design.

I’m born in Denmark, live in Sweden, speak both languages fluently, and as a true Viking descendant I have travelled the world, and lived in places like Greenland and Vietnam.

When it comes down to nordic graphic design I nail it without breaking sweat. At 55° north I thrive in the visual traditions.

So if you are wondering who made the Modern Viking exhibition in the pedestrian street in Copenhagen, look no further.

The Pale Tribe is a part of Rebel Design, my main company offering an even broader range of design options.

But if you are looking for the primordial power in the Nordic tradition, then you have come to the right place.

ᚹᛖᛚᚲᛟᛗᛖ ᛏᛟ ᚦᛖ ᛈᚨᛚᛖ ᛏᚱᛁᛒᛖ

Hasse Sørensen

Scandinavian Style

Design with hints to a thousand years of experience with craftsmanship in wood carvings, a dash of northern light, a drink from a horn and a prayer to Odin, and we are good to go: What do you need?

I can design marvelous websites, and have been doing so since the very birth of the World Wide Web. 

I also design everything that can be printed, engraved, lit up and stamped.

And that’s all very fine. Every skilled graphic designer can do that. You came here for that extra touch of Scandinavia. The beauty of the ruthlessly uncompromising pure design. A few drops of blood in the freshly fallen snow. 

In a country where the sun does not rise in winter and does not set in summer, we do things with consistency.

A thousand years modern

Even the largest and most succesfull brands in the world are mimicking Scandinavian design, world-renowned for its simplicity and material aesthetics. 

We can spend an eternity making things look like it was effortless to create. Such simplicity that you will take the design for granted – this is the only way it can be!

In reality the process is more like this: We add all the ideas that come up, until we have exhausted every option, and then we start removing everything that is unnecessary, until nothing more can be removed. Then you have the clean design compiled by only the best ideas. 

Nomading with the reindeer, or traveling the seas to conquer the world, has tought us a very important lesson, that has become a part of our DNA: Everything has to be multipurpose, versatile, and second to none quality.

If you can’t open a beer with a knife, the knife is not worth having. If wear and tear doesn’t make it more beautiful, it’s worthless. Life is too short for bad quality and mindless design.

The same way sixty pages will eventually be constrained to one sentence: “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”

When a band of vikings raided a monastery they would desecrate the altar with a battle axe.

As history reveals they had no reservations towards Christianity, but simply wanted to clarify they had no fear of man or God.

This fearlessness made the Norsemen one of the most open societies on earth, incorporating with playful ease people and ideas from every conceivable society. 

DNA from Hungary, and coins from Arab countries, along with porcelain from Ireland, have been found in Norwegian Viking tombs.

The Pale Tribe

Hasse Sørensen
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– a part of Rebel Design

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